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City Opera House COVID-19 Response

At this time, all upcoming City Opera House events are in the process of determining if events will be allowed to proceed, reschedule, or cancel under limited terms.

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Volunteer at City Opera House

City Opera House volunteers are at the core of the City Opera House mission: To promote and nurture City Opera House as a regional hub for connecting people to the arts and each other. Volunteers provide an important service for City Opera House, donating over 2,000 hours in various roles each year.

If you are interested in volunteering at City Opera House, please complete the volunteer application. We welcome you.

Our volunteers

Volunteering at City Opera House is a wonderful way to

City Opera House volunteers are a community of people devoted to enriching lives and making a difference while sustaining this beautiful historic venue.

Questions? or (231) 941-8082 ext. 202

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