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Arts at the Heart - Support City Opera House

The Community Gathering Place since 1892

Over 120 years ago, three Traverse City businessmen—Anton Bartak, Frank Votruba, and Charles Wilhelm—had a vision: Build a community gathering place in the heart of downtown that would serve as a vibrant venue to cultivate the continued growth and prosperity of downtown and the region. Continuing the mission of these visionaries, City Opera House is focusing on three areas to preserve this community treasure:

  1. Performing Arts presented in a professionally equipped facility
  2. Community Event Space with historic charm and unparalleled service
  3. Arts Education for Youth

How Can YOU Support Arts at the Heart?

If you believe that the arts enrich our community—and that arts education is the key to fostering innovative, creative young thinkers—tell us by making a donation to City Opera House. Your support will continue the legacy of a community gathering place and keeps Arts at the Heart in our region for generations to come.

City Opera House Heritage Association, City Opera House Team, and Wharton Center for Performing Arts thank you—From the Heart!

“Three factors converge to provide the best in entertainment. Beautiful downtown Traverse City, the spectacular City Opera House and the world class Wharton Center. We are so fortunate to benefit from the professional entertainment and environment provided by these strong forces.”
Steve Constantin, Traverse City Downtown Development Authority Board of Trustees

Thom Paulson
Director of Development
(231) 941-8082 ext. 207